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Custom Night Guard

When there is severe tooth wear and damage that’s detected, often due to clenching or grinding that we may or may not be aware of, splints or ‘night guards’ are a very effective option to prevent further damage. If teeth are left to wear away, eventually treatment to repair the damage will be required, and this involves much more time, complexity and cost.

Do I need a custom night guard?

Not having a night guard where needed may carry risks, but perhaps more concerning is the use of a non-custom fitted night guard:

  • chipping or breaking fillings or teeth. Night guards that aren’t a tight enough fit can fall out during sleep, or there may be tooth damage with the movement of a loose fitting guard. A fit that’s actually too tight may cause teeth to chip with the excessive pressure
  • jaw muscle and jaw joint damage. Teeth bite together in harmony, and this remains true with a night guard. Night guards that are too thick or too thin in areas will ‘put the bite out’, and even over a short period of use, muscle tightness, jaw clicking, tightness or locked jaw can occur.

If the fit and ongoing adjustment of your existing night guard hasn’t been checked by a dentist, you may actually be causing damage to the supporting jaw joint and muscle system. Far from being a set and forget appliance, it is advisable to bring in your night guard to each visit, so we can ensure the night guard offers an ideal fit and sufficient long term protection.

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